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How to Find Your Soulmate Using Astrology

Astrology is commonly known as a means to predict the future. But did you know that it can also assist in finding a compatible partner?

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Astrology is commonly known as a means to predict the future. But did you know that it can also assist in finding a compatible partner? How does astrology do that? How to find your soulmate using astrology? These are a few questions that people ask upon realizing that astrology can help with relationships too!

Astrologers believe that the planetary positions are like maps to human personalities and their fates. These positions truly mirror the happenings in human lives. So, doesn’t that make it possible to find ways to connect lovers who are meant to be together?

Astrology of soulmate relationships

Most people are waiting desperately for the right love partner in life. Those that are unmarried yet are impatient to find a man or a woman who they feel closer to. Divorcees are hoping to finally meet their soulmates. Read more: What Was I in My Past Life by Astrology

Astrology can come to aid to answer the questions, ‘when will I find my true love astrology?’ It can also help with questions like ‘when to get married?’, ‘personality type of a prospective partner?’, ‘probable timeline of your marriage’, ‘where and under what circumstances would you meet the person’?

So, yes, to an extent it can help with finding a soulmate. Vedic astrology is used to prepare birth charts of couples to check their mutual compatibility. It also helps predict their future together by comparing their personality traits, karmic debts, etc.

Are astrology predictions reliable?

If you remember your birth date and place, accurately, you may be able to correctly predict a lot about your current situation and your future path. Future is not carved in stone, but astrology can tell you about the probability of something happening. A lot of times it is as good as predicting the future.

To find your soulmate using astrology, you can get your birth chart prepared and look for times that are suitable for finding your soul partner. Also, these charts can help confirm if the bond between you is truly long-lasting and that there won’t be compatibility issues. It really helps you understand the soul nature and the true likes and dislikes of your partner. Love prediction by date of birth is effective in helping you predict a special relationship. Read more: Difference Between Astrology and Astronomy

What elements in the Natal Chart are indicators of a special soulmate relationship?
  • Grand Trines
    When a planet in your partner’s chart turns a simple trine in your chart to a Grand trine that is a mark of a very special relationship between the two. Must read: 
    How to Know About Past Life Through Astrology
  • Nodes of the moon
    Connection between nodes of the moon in synastry can also represent a deep past life connection
  • Asteroids Eros and Psyche
    Now, these are strong signs that the couple will have a very powerful romantic and sexual relationship. 
  • Vertex
    One quality associated with interaspects involving the vertex predicts the feeling that you are made for each other.

These are just a few ways to understand if the two of you are soulmates. Besides these, there are many other symbols in your natal chart that answers how to find your soulmate using astrology.

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